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OneNote MVP

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want to brag, but in November I’m going to visit the Mircosoft MVP Summit.

Summit logo resized

So why should you bother? As you may have noticed, this is still a very young blog, but nevertheless it has an author that is recognized and awarded as a Microsoft MVP for OneNote. There was a spotlight on me earlier and I thought you may want to read that.

Most of the things which happen during the Summit are under NDA which means I am not allowed to talk about it. But from my experience I can tell you Microsoft really cares about their MVPs. So that’s already pretty cool, but even better is you are going to meet a lot of other MVPs from around the world and the most of them are pretty cool persons.

Don’t think this is a sort of brainwash event, it really has a focus on the technical expertise. It’s even more the other way as a MVP the product group asks you for your feedback.

So I will defiantly post about my visit to the Microsoft mother ship in Redmond so stay tuned.

Why the Surface Pro pen rocks

So I always notice that many people don’t know what to do with the pen of the Surface Pro. So I decided to make a short video where I show why I love the pen so much.

I think I probably won’t ever buy a tablet without pen again. I’m really sad that Apple didn’t get how important the pen actually is.

Before you start: Yeah I know that there are pens for Tablets like the Surface but they don’t even come close to what a pen on a Windows Tablet means. This is because an iPad can’t distinguish between the tip of the pen and your hand. This means you can’t rest your palm on the screen while writing.

The Surface however can distinguish and you write on it like on normal paper but better. Because that pen has every color and size you want.

How to use an iPad for College

The answer is leave it at home. I have an iPad myself and I consider myself to be an Apple fan, there was even a time in my past where I was a hardcore fanboy. At some point you realize that other mothers also have beautiful daughters. This is especially true in college or in the university life.

iPad ist nur Papier 2.0

When I refer to a Tablet-PC I usually emphasize the pen and that’s a thing the iPad is missing. There are “pen” for the iPad but the problem is that those devices (and that’s also true for a lot of the Android tablets) can’t distinguish between your palm and the pen. The result of this is that you hold your hand in an awkward position while writing and drawing. That’s the reason I always say that an iPad is only Paper 2.0 not Pen & Paper 2.0. There is this nice Windows 8 ad that shows how a normal Windows 8 notebook outperforms iPads in the college.

You have to choose a device which is fit for the operation and a pen based tablet would be even better. My experience showed me that I can humiliate a iPad user with an 5 year old Tablet-PC like an ThinkPad x201 tablet inside a university.

What experiences did you make?

Real life screenshots

You know that situation. You are sitting in the university or more general in a talk and the speaker didn’t share his slides in advance, or doesn’t bother sharing at all? I really hate that but I have a got a pretty neat solution for that problem.

I use my Surface Pro most of the time and if I find myself in that situation I use the Win8 camera app and take a photo, crop it and insert it into OneNote.

OneNote Kamera

The reason why I do this because I have made the experience that you can best memorize content if you add information to it. Of cause you could do it like all the people how use regular paper but you will definitely have an advantage if your notes link to the slide of the speaker.

So if you use the OneNote [Windows Store] App (I really think they should find a better name for that) it’s even a lot quicker as you just have to press on the radial menu -> chose camera and you can take a photo from the OneNote app, which is a super-fast way to do it.

If you want to add an high quality picture because the speaker uses font size 8 on his slides a way often do is: I take a picture with my Lumia and upload it to SkyDrive (manually). The advantage is you’ll find the picture pretty fast in the “uploads from mobile devices” –folder and can insert it.

Printing on virtual paper

There’s one thing that frustrates many first time OneNote users. As you might now it is really easy to use the “Send to OneNote” virtual printer to get almost every content into your digital notebook.

OneNote Printouts 1

When you print something to OneNote you probably notice that you can chose where you want to store your printout. This is a very handy feature and you shouldn’t chose the “Don’t ask again” Checkbox.Because after using OneNote for a while you’ll  notice that you have several different notebooks, for example for work, university, hobbies and so on. A nice feature is that OneNote shows you what your recent picks where so most of the time you find the right place for you printout very quickly. If not, all you have to do is scroll down and pick the right place step by step.

And here is the point where first time OneNote users usually freak out because in the standard settings OneNote puts each printout paper on a single OneNote page and there are only very limited use cases where that makes sense. But there is a really simple solution where OneNote asks you every time if you want to insert your printout on multiple pages or a on a single page.

All you have to do is to click on File and then go to Options. In the options you have control to a lot of settings, you want to go to Advanced because there is the checkbox causing all the trouble.

OneNote Printouts 2

After you deselected the Insert long printouts on multiple pages OneNote will ask you every time how to insert a printout.

OneNote Printouts 3

Personally I print presentations I listen to on a single page. Because you can scroll along very easily and the presenter is very unlikely to jump. However if insert a scientific paper or parts of textbooks into OneNote I use the multiple pages insert because it is very easy to jump from page to page.

OneNote is digital paper

One blog post ago I said that Tablet-PCs are Pen&Paper2.0. So to explain this a little bit more I want you to take a look at this video I made a year ago. It’s a great start for all the people who don’t know what OneNote actually is, so probably 90% of all PC-users.

I think after you watched the video you have a first idea what OneNote actually is. So in this Blog I’ll often give you some real life examples, because I think that’s the best way for you to get some ideas of your own where you could start to use OneNote.

A one more thing please feel free to ask me questions or have requests, I’m more than happy to answer.

Pen&Paper 2.0

Although you can find a lot of this information in the About section of this blog I thought that in my first real blog post I should tell you a little bit more about what you can expect here and what my motivation is.

So my name is Mark and I’m from Germany. In short I think the most important things you should know about me is that I work in a family owned business and that you could call me a serial student. I’m from a region in Germany which is called the Rhineland next to the city Cologne, and I think I’ll have to make an own blog post because growing up here influenced me a lot.  If you want to know more about me I suggest you visit my page.

I’m struggling to call myself lazy but I often look for a solution which minimizes my workload while maximizing the outcome, therefore I will concentrate on the topic how technology is going to change the way we work now and in the future.

I’m a huge fan of tablet-pcs and of cloud computing as I think those two technologies will have a huge impact on our society. Surprisingly those technologies are around for some years already but are largely unnoticed. And I hope to change this.


In this blog I will often refer to Tablet-PCs as Pen & Paper 2.0 and I hope after reading this blog for a while you will understand why. I don’t want to spill the beans right now.

Hello world! (not again)

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above.

Ok here I am. While registering on WordPress I was thinking what the first title of my new blog could be. I was baffeld that WordPress stole my idea and created a first posting and that with my credentials (kramkr!?). Although I think thats its not nice to use my name for a post that I didn’t do I’m not angry.

It opend my eyes that the phrase “Hello World” is overused. I bet I’m not the first one who notice this. But as I don’t have an alternative (yet) I won’t change the title of this post, only the content.

This is my own first posting so I guess this should be a introduction. But as I really had to read a lot  How-To’s and Tipps and Tricks and the fact that I’m a little bit lazy right now I’ll only add some of the tasks which I made during the WordPress Tutorial – Zero To Hero. I think for the start thats enough introduction.

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