New Year’s resolution and OneNote

Most of us know, that New Year resolution tend to fail. It’s sort of a running gag that every year most of us setup new goals. But there must be something to it, otherwise I think we wouldn’t try it each year from scratch.

Technically all your goals for 2014 should already be set. So whether you already violated your new year goals or you just started or don’t have any at all I think I can help you.

Start 2014 with using OneNote. If you have no idea about what OneNote actually is you can watch of my 12 min webcast which will explain it to you.

For those of you who already know what OneNote is and wonder how it can help you to have a successful start in 2014 here a 5 tips for you:

Get Digital
Start to enter all new and important informations into OneNote. Once you mastered that step you never have to wonder again where to find something. The integrated search will find everything in a heartbeat, because OneNote creates an index with all information (you can even search for Text on photos or scanned documents)

Endless Information
Utilize that from now on you never run out of space. Create different notebooks for different occasions. For example one private, one for work, one for your hobby and so one. You can create as much notebooks as you like.

Cloud is key
What good is information if you don’t have access to it? Use the free SkyDrive storage to save your notebooks and access them from everywhere. Another advantage is that you can give others access to your notebook. For example plan a journey with your friends or work on a project for that school science project, where everybody shares and edits the same information in real time. Oh and by the way, you don’t need to be online all the time. You can work offline and the next time your online changes automatically synchronize to all your devices.

Go mobile
There is an OneNote app for almost every device. For example you can download a App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but you can also access via the OneNote WebApp. While on the go have all information with you and view them in the same format you saved it on your PC.

Connect & Tag
To keep track of your other New Year goals, OneNote has a build in automatic synchronization with Outlook that means you can create tasks in OneNote and Outlook will remind you on them. Also you should try the Tagging System to get some order in your information.

I wish you all the best and hope the list helps you a little bit.

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