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Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want to brag, but in November I’m going to visit the Mircosoft MVP Summit.

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So why should you bother? As you may have noticed, this is still a very young blog, but nevertheless it has an author that is recognized and awarded as a Microsoft MVP for OneNote. There was a spotlight on me earlier and I thought you may want to read that.

Most of the things which happen during the Summit are under NDA which means I am not allowed to talk about it. But from my experience I can tell you Microsoft really cares about their MVPs. So that’s already pretty cool, but even better is you are going to meet a lot of other MVPs from around the world and the most of them are pretty cool persons.

Don’t think this is a sort of brainwash event, it really has a focus on the technical expertise. It’s even more the other way as a MVP the product group asks you for your feedback.

So I will defiantly post about my visit to the Microsoft mother ship in Redmond so stay tuned.

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  1. Cool Stuff, Mark. I would live to ne there top. Yuri told me that maybe there is a little chance that I can have a chat with Anthony Salcito, who comes to Vienna. He is the head of Microsoft Education. Would,be really great

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