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Whiteboards of the future

I like paper, but I hate to use it. Probably that is more my fault because I tend to be a little bit messy and paper doesn’t support that type of people. For me it’s easier to keep order and structure in a digital way and I think many younger folks will understand what I mean.

In my other blog posts I already mentioned that I think that a pen based tablet is the best thing a student can buy. But students with Tablet-PCs is only one side of the medal. The other side which will change over time are things like room setup in schools, university and even in offices.

Whitebords for example will become digital. I love to use whiteboards but they have one big flaw: They can’t save or share natively. So after you did that awesome brainstorming you have to make sure to make a photo of the whiteboard so you can save it.


In the long term I believe that Whiteboards will be replaced by big touchscreen (which have pen support) like we can see on the photo above. If I remember correctly that was a 80’’ PPI Display.

But in the meantime there is one nice feature which came with the last update of the OneNote (MX) Windows 8 App which helps you to save the work on the whiteboard in a very cool and modern way.

OneNote Whiteboard

As you may know you could always insert photos with the integrated cam of a tablet and instert them into your page in OneNote. The new thing is now you can choose a whiteboard mode. When selected you can take a picture like before from any angle but now OneNote automatically recognizes the whiteboard and makes a smooth and plain picture into OneNote and corrects the angle to a 90°.

That’s a very cool feature I hope many of us use till every room has one of that monster Tablet-TVs like in the first Picture.