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Why the Surface Pro pen rocks

So I always notice that many people don’t know what to do with the pen of the Surface Pro. So I decided to make a short video where I show why I love the pen so much.

I think I probably won’t ever buy a tablet without pen again. I’m really sad that Apple didn’t get how important the pen actually is.

Before you start: Yeah I know that there are pens for Tablets like the Surface but they don’t even come close to what a pen on a Windows Tablet means. This is because an iPad can’t distinguish between the tip of the pen and your hand. This means you can’t rest your palm on the screen while writing.

The Surface however can distinguish and you write on it like on normal paper but better. Because that pen has every color and size you want.

Real life screenshots

You know that situation. You are sitting in the university or more general in a talk and the speaker didn’t share his slides in advance, or doesn’t bother sharing at all? I really hate that but I have a got a pretty neat solution for that problem.

I use my Surface Pro most of the time and if I find myself in that situation I use the Win8 camera app and take a photo, crop it and insert it into OneNote.

OneNote Kamera

The reason why I do this because I have made the experience that you can best memorize content if you add information to it. Of cause you could do it like all the people how use regular paper but you will definitely have an advantage if your notes link to the slide of the speaker.

So if you use the OneNote [Windows Store] App (I really think they should find a better name for that) it’s even a lot quicker as you just have to press on the radial menu -> chose camera and you can take a photo from the OneNote app, which is a super-fast way to do it.

If you want to add an high quality picture because the speaker uses font size 8 on his slides a way often do is: I take a picture with my Lumia and upload it to SkyDrive (manually). The advantage is you’ll find the picture pretty fast in the “uploads from mobile devices” –folder and can insert it.

Pen&Paper 2.0

Although you can find a lot of this information in the About section of this blog I thought that in my first real blog post I should tell you a little bit more about what you can expect here and what my motivation is.

So my name is Mark and I’m from Germany. In short I think the most important things you should know about me is that I work in a family owned business and that you could call me a serial student. I’m from a region in Germany which is called the Rhineland next to the city Cologne, and I think I’ll have to make an own blog post because growing up here influenced me a lot.  If you want to know more about me I suggest you visit my about.me page.

I’m struggling to call myself lazy but I often look for a solution which minimizes my workload while maximizing the outcome, therefore I will concentrate on the topic how technology is going to change the way we work now and in the future.

I’m a huge fan of tablet-pcs and of cloud computing as I think those two technologies will have a huge impact on our society. Surprisingly those technologies are around for some years already but are largely unnoticed. And I hope to change this.


In this blog I will often refer to Tablet-PCs as Pen & Paper 2.0 and I hope after reading this blog for a while you will understand why. I don’t want to spill the beans right now.